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螺柱焊机集气管焊 接安全技术

1、办理特殊危险级 别动火作业证,请工厂的急救、消防到位,现场协助,预防为主。
1, for the special danger level hot work permit, please factory first aid, fire protection in place, on-siteassistance, prevention.
2、焊接方法:使用 抱箍焊接,用槽钢根据集气管尺寸预制U型抱箍,抱箍围绕 漏点一周。槽钢抱箍必须预制三个带阀门的管,这三个管的作用是放泄漏的氨水、泄压及充蒸汽的安全保护。
2, welding method: using hoop welding, steel according to the collecting pipe size prefabricated U hoop, hoop aroundthe leak of a week. Steel hoop must be prefabricated three with valve tube, the three tube is placed, leakage ofammonia leakage safety protection and filling steam pressure.
3、在动火全过程中 ,专人看护集气管道上的氧含量监测仪,集气管中的氧含量必须低于1%,保证管内混合气 体在爆炸极限之外,假如氧含量超过1%,严禁动火,必须 查明氧气超标的原因,找到漏点,阻止空气进进。
3, in the whole process of hot, special care oxygen content monitor gas gathering pipeline, the oxygen content inthe gas collecting pipe must be less than 1%, ensure that the tube mixed gas in the explosion limit, if the oxygencontent is more than 1%, it is strictly prohibited to use fire, must find out why the oxygen exceed the standard,find the leak point, to prevent the air from entering.
4、确定施工方案前 ,由设备点检用测厚仪检测管道壁的厚度,确保焊接时不会焊穿管壁。假如管壁已经腐蚀变薄,焊接时可能穿透,那么不能直接作业,只能使用其他方法。
4, determine the construction schemes, by equipment inspection with thickness detection of pipeline wall thicknessto ensure the welding without welding wear tube wall. If the pipe wall has corrosion thinning, can penetrate whenwelding, so can not directly operation, can only use the other method.
5、作业职员要求。 一定是有丰富经验的焊工,在焊接作业时,尽量的在管壁这边浅一点,确保不焊穿,否则,就会发生正压着火的事故。另外,临时的检验平台一定要宽大,有撤离通道,便于万一有事情时的及时撤离。
5, operations staff requirement. Must be experienced welders, during the welding process, as far as possible in thetube wall side a little light, to ensure that no welding, otherwise, there will be a positive pressure fireaccident. In addition, the temporary inspection platform must be wide, with evacuation routes, convenient in casethings timely evacuation.
6、保持正压,正压 是非常关键的一步,由于净化吸气机不停的抽气,集气管道的压力都相当的低,甚至可以达到负压状态。
6, to maintain positive pressure, positive pressure is a very critical step, because the gas extraction andpurification of suction machine does not stop, gas collecting pipe pressure is quite low, even can reach the stateof negative pressure.
7、确定漏点位置。 由于集气管道内上有荒煤气、下有氨水,是气、液共存的设备,就必须确定漏点是在液面上,还是在液面下。
7, determine the leak location. Because the ammonia raw gas, gas collecting pipe, gas, liquid coexistence equipment,must determine the leak is in the surface, or in liquid.
8、蒸汽防护。在固 定抱箍前,开好蒸汽备用,把抱箍按在集气管上,蒸汽管接在一真个泄压管上,开大蒸汽,在远泄漏点点焊,固定槽钢抱箍。
8, steam protection. In a fixed hoop ago, open good steam standby, the hoop on the collecting pipe, steam pipe isconnected in a really a pressure relief pipe, open the steam, in the far leak spot welding, fixed channel steelhoop.
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